"SHEAR" MADNESS! BE AN ALPACA BACKER Receive photos, swatch of fleece, & free tour!

$ 29.00

Alpacas have been raised specifically for their luxurious and silky natural fleece since ancient times. Their fleece is finer than cashmere, warmer than goose down, smoother than silk, and stronger than mohair! It is a truly supreme fiber.

Our herd will be shorn on MAY 30th, producing the fiber representative of this year’s harvest and utilized in our Buck Brook collection like socks, throws, blankets, rugs, clothing, and toys.
This year, we invite you to be a part of the main event! Get a chance to not only see what your alpaca looked like at MAX FLUFF and post shearing, but also experience the luxuriously silky softness of the fiber by receiving a swatch of your alpaca's fleece!
Pictured here are our alpacas at full fleece after they've grown their coats for nearly a year! You will receive a "before" photo such as these and the "after" photo once he/she has been shorn!
Choose a level of fleece (Milling, Superfine Baby Alpaca, or Champion) and you will receive:
- 1 Digital before/after photo of an alpaca from the tier you've chosen
- 1 Swatch of that animal's fleece (will be mailed via USPS to the address on the order unless otherwise noted at checkout)
- 1 Free public tour during the 2021 season ($12 value)
It's "shear" madness!

Shearing alpacas is done humanely with the alpaca’s safety and welfare in mind.