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Plush Alpaca Toy

It feels like a cloud, this little love is made from 100% animal-friendly alpaca fur characterized by its thick curls and crimp. 

Super huggable and totally irresistible, these marvelous plush animals are ready to embrace anyone young or old.

Handmade from genuine animal-friendly alpaca fur that undergoes a special tanning process. Stitched by experienced artisans.

Lanart never harms animals in the ethical procurement of any raw materials for their products. They consider it an honor to be able to work with these peaceful, sweet creatures and their amazing fiber. 

- Approx. 7"L x 4"W x 5"H

- Available in 4 colors and each is unique

 - Fair Trade from Peru

- Animal-friendly fur

- Detailed hand crafting

- Hypoallergenic and filled with new poly-fill fiber stuffing

- Child safe eyes and nose with safety backing