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LLAMA CAMARADA - Means Llama Pal (friend) in Peruvian, which is where these quirky long necked animals are native to. But CASSIE and HOPE came from a farm in Michigan and joined Buck Brook Alpacas last fall. They have fit in with our alpaca herd very well and it sure doesn't take much to make them happy. They only spit when they are displeased. they'll often spit when establishing a pecking order within their herd, or to ward off an unwanted suitor. They rarely spit on humans unless you are in the line of fire when they are showing their displeasure. Llamas are sometimes used for protection because they are known to boldly chase off predators. Always on alert, these protectors are also usually very friendly with their flocks and sometime they will even adopt smaller livestock as their personal herd.

Now is your chance to start your own personal herd! We have re-created Cassie and Hope!!!! Each Llama friend has been handstitched with the fiber from our very own herd. They can be your camarada and your protector! You can bring one home, or bring both of them home! They will be your forever friend.

And that's what CASSIE and HOPE are.....LLAMA CAMARADAS, for life!