Sari Yoga Mat / Upcycled

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Weight:260.00 Grams Dimensions:68 x 24 inches Materials: Recycled fabrics

Add some plush to your yoga or meditation experience with our yoga mat covers. You can use this as a yoga mat directly or place it under your mat to increase padding, give your feet a nice massage, and create a more luxurious yoga experience for you. Each piece is unique and handmade by our women, so your product will resemble the image shown but have its own unique color palette. We collect left-over materials discarded from factories. We wash them, dry them and then cut them into pieces. We woven them on a traditional 100-year-old loom that doesn’t use electricity. By working with recycled fabrics we are contributing to making the fashion industry more sustainable.

Can be used as a table runner or rug runner as well as a yoga mat.