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Our Lifesaver Outdoor socks offer the same construction and texture in every way, but in colorful stripes to jazz things up a bit. Fully lined with soft alpaca loops for ultimate warmth & softness, these are the perfect outdoor socks and lifesaver in chilly cold winter weather - sweet enough multiple seasons & everyday wear. Let our Lifesaver Alpaca Socks will rescue you.

  • Terry lined, top to toe, for maximal warmth & softness.
  • Suburb wicking for dryer, healthy, odor-free feet.
  • Reduces abrasion, blisters and callus build up.
  • Choose from two striped color combinations.
  • Features soft elastic band, durable construction, & smooth seam toe.
  • Perfect outdoor sock, ideal for multi season wear.
  • Machine wash in cold, air dry recommended.

Socks will last longer if you keep them out of the tumble dryer, but should they get tumbled it will not destroy them. Do not use heat.

Don't be confused by content! More alpaca isn't always better. The content must fit the use of the socks. Many components have to be weighed in order to compose the finest alpaca socks.