Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the difference between Private and Public tours?

See DETAILS in Private and Public tour descriptions

2. Is it level terrain?
Yes. We are handicapped accessible. Most of the tour is in a barn with a flat floor.Drive-up unloading is available with a handicapped restroom.

3. Can I just look at the alpacas?
All visitors must be registered in an activity, unless shopping at our farm store, to be on farm grounds.

4. Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are permitted on the farm in private tours only and must be leashed.
Is there food available at the farm?
Water, drinks, and snacks are available seasonally.

5. Is picnic space available?
Yes. There are various picnic tables available on the grounds.

6. What should I wear to the farm?
Please dress to daily weather conditions. Farm sits atop a high Catskill peak. It can be windy, cold, and muddy; therefore, layering and boots are highly recommended.

7. Can I pet the animals?
Yes. You will have opportunities to touch and feed the animals. Please do NOT touch the pot belly pig, Daisy. She can be pushy at times.

8. How long is the tour?
Tours range from 30-40 minutes depending on Q & A time.

9. How many alpacas do you have?
We have 100-150 alpacas on our farm. We also have rabbits, ducks, chickens, a peacock, and a pot belly pig. Additional species can vary throughout the year.

10. Do you have a public restroom?
Yes. We have Porta Potties available and a handicapped restroom located in the barn.

11. What are the DOs & DON'Ts when approaching an alpaca?
See our Alpaca Etiquette Guide HERE

10. Are alpaca harmed in the process of utilizing their fleece?
No. Alpacas have to be sheared once a year in the Spring or Summer. This "haircut" doesn't hurt or harm the animal. Farmers use the animal-safe sheers to gently cut the alpaca hair, similar to when you bring your pet to the vet groomer.