Fulfill Your Dream of Becoming an Alpaca Farmer


At Buck Brook Alpacas, we have many animals that are bred from champion genetics to choose from. We pride ourselves on providing quality animal care coupled with developing relationships with other farms in order to provide expert consultation and comprehensive support. What's unique about purchasing a Buck Brook alpaca is that our animals are acclimated to human contact because they are handled regularly.

We encourage you to visit our farm to meet the animals in person and to assist in makiing a good match between human and animal, farm and needs. It's also an excellent way to gain insight about daily farm operations.

Buck Brook will board your alpaca and provide you with a long term investment.

By purchasing one of our newly-born crias, you will enjoy the wonders of the Huacayan life and lifestyle. So whether you're newbie or seasoned breeder, we can help you navigate all aspects of the wonderful world of alpacas! 

Ask about our other animals for sale. We have chickens, ducks, and Angora rabbits too!

All Buck Brook females sell with a breeding to any of our unrelated award-winning herd sires, as well as reduced breeding fees for agisting clients on future breedings. The breeding and pregnancy confirmation is included.

Buck Brook Alpacas, at owner's request, will show your animal and participate in approximately eight shows a year. Buck Brook Alpacas will transport, show and care for the animal at the show. It is the owner's responsibility to complete show paperwork and registration. Buck Brook Alpacas takes care of the vet paperwork. There is a flat show fee per animal of $100 per show.

Billing can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually per costumer's preference. Boarding includes daily hay, feed and water.  It also includes monthly herd health and routine vet care. Any extraordinary vet care is the responsibility of the owner.  

Buck Brook Alpacas also offers lodging for agisting clients on site so they can participate in raising the animal and the workings of the farm.  

For more information on any of our services, contact the farm at 845-807-3104 or Hello@BuckBrookAlpacas.com