Quick Knit Loom

$ 28.95

About this product

Knit your own rainbow pom pom hat and cozy! Kids knitting kit is great for beginners with easy to use tools and loom! Craft kit includes chunky rainbow yarn, faux-fur pom poms, easy-to-use tools and fun accessories A calming and educational craft activity! The repetitive motions of knitting provide a mindful and enjoyable experience that builds critical thinking skills, fine motor coordination, math, comprehension, planning and problem solving Loom knitting is an easy weaving technique! Quick Knit Loom kit comes with illustrated instructions and a how-to-video that provides a step by step guide on completing this loom knitting craft. It is a great craft for kids ages 7+ Build creative confidence and entertain with at home and indoor activities for kids! Quick Knit Loom kit is a unique way to unplug, unwind and have fun while learning a new crafting skill